Adding autosteer to Trimble Ez-Guide 250 Guidance

I have just been doing a little research into this project and have been reading about other peoples implementations, I already own a Ez-Guide 250 but it have been finding it tough to follow its lines.

This is probably a ridiculous question but is it possible to connect my own motor to the Trimble?

I understand that Trimble makes one, but that is a lot of money for the amount of work it will be doing.

Thanks for you help.

I don’t think there’s any known way to get the autosteer data out of the 250, other than into a Trimble T2 terrain compensation module.

The EZ steer motor plugs into the T2. I guess if you had a T2 then you could probably use your own motor instead of the ez steer motor, as long as you choose one with similar characteristics and use the same type of encoder and encoder resolution. It sounds like a lot more effort than it’s worth, especially when you consider the nice pivoting bracket that the Trimble motor has and the brackets available for different tractors and the “known to work” aspect.

Unfortunately I think this project is a non-starter. I have a trimble 500 and T2 mounted in a tractor in the “upright and obsolete” position, now steered by AgOpenGPS controlling the old ez steer motor. It’ll get taken out and put into something else eventually. Just couldn’t find a way to reuse anything except for the motor.


Sell your existing trimble kit. Build your own agopengps system and setup a rtk base station with the money and you’ll still have money left over


You can’t just plug a motor into the EZ-Guide 250. You’ll need an EZ-Steer controller which also contains an IMU. The controller is what does the AB lines and calculates heading error and drives the motor.

EZ-Guide 250 ==> EZ-Steer Controller <==EZ Steer motor

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