Adding Flags in the Flag.txt file

Does anyone know of a way to add flag using gps coordinates?

I had a problem with one of my field files, and it forced me to create a new field. I am reusing the KML file for the field. When I move the flag file from the old field folder, to the new field folder, it drops the flags at the start point of the field, and not where they are supposed to be.

I know this has something to do with the northing/easting, but I just can’t figure it out. I’m just trying to save going out in to the muddy field to remark the flags.

Brian added this feature to the latest on the git hub.

Which branch? I’ve been looking at the ISOXML branch, which seems to be the most active. Where is it in there?

Seems to me it would be work well to have SaveOpen.Designer.cs simply ignore the northing and easting fields in the Flags.txt and then run pn.ConvertWGS84ToLocal() to calculate the northing and easting after loading from the Lat and Lon, which is already in Flags.txt. Most commercial units do this sort of thing, even for AB lines.

If that were done, it would make it easier to drop flags, lines, and even boundaries into different fields.

Can convert the flag lat and lon coordinates with the following formula, from CNMEA.cs:

mPerDegreeLat = 111132.92 - 559.82 * Math.Cos(2.0 * latStart * 0.01745329251994329576923690766743) + 1.175
            * Math.Cos(4.0 * latStart * 0.01745329251994329576923690766743) - 0.0023
            * Math.Cos(6.0 * latStart * 0.01745329251994329576923690766743);

mPerDegreeLon = 111412.84 * Math.Cos(latStart * 0.01745329251994329576923690766743) - 93.5
            * Math.Cos(3.0 * latStart * 0.01745329251994329576923690766743) + 0.118
            * Math.Cos(5.0 * latStart * 0.01745329251994329576923690766743);

 Northing = (Lat - latStart) * mPerDegreeLat;
 Easting = (Lon - lonStart) * mPerDegreeLon;

latStart and lonStart are the latitude and longitude numbers from Field.txt.

I’m running 5.8.3. I don’t see any option or information regarding this in the search.

Brian says he put it in the oneline branch.

Off topic but will OneLine get merged into master for the next release? What about isoxml?

Not sure about one line but xml yes.

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We are working hard on it, a lot of new things, this branch it’s changing every day,…risky business :wink:


So was the ISOXML branch merged into the oneline branch?
Torriem and I are both working on the Qt branch, is why we’re both interested in where AOG is headed.

Isoxml was the start point for the oneline. So yes. Oneline is the current chalkboard.

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just as idea

adding a flag line is it complex or not ?

A line to drive? Or a line to it?

a line to see some obstacle or risk like draining or rock line …

I think a line to mark a ditch or terrace or something. Maybe modify a boundary so it didn’t “close” itself. Would be nice for marking a ditch, so I didn’t go blundering into it in the dark.
I think our old John Deere had the options for a “line” or “grid” in the flags menu.

You can use for that the Recorded Path, now it’s a contour line, for obstacles and any

To be more clear, icon in new version it’s changed


There is the internal boundary built in. After you draw the boundary. You can draw interior boundaries. But I do think there may be a need for a drive to function on the flags.

the inner bondary can be a solution

incase of draining you have several virtual ligne to add on the fiesld that why it looks more simple

it is more a cosmetic request …

with the time it will be probably sure taht Aog will be mange some layer to see the border , extra( like our flag), and task1 task 2 …

Would you want to drive these markers or import then from a kml or xml.

Just a set of additional graphics on the screen? These are not typically drivable. The inner boundaries are drivable and detectable with autosteer.

I think this will work. I have not tried it and not at my computer. Open a field that has a boundary. Then go back to the boundary creator and click bing. Then you can draw the inner obstacles on the screen right on the map. Only thing is they must be completely closed or the calculations will not work. A line will try to close itself and make a mess.

thanks KentStuff to take time and consideration to my request

the best is to created or import

and the target is just additional graphics on the screen to see it


seems like this got hijacked a bit… is there a way to add a flag based on gps coordinates? I don’t really know what the oneline branch is. I’m just a dumb end user, not a programmer, sorry.