ADS1115 or PCB issue

I’m building a KaupoiMOD PCB v3, and setting everything up I run into some problems.

First when loading the arduino files if I select the Old Bootloader option it gives me a error on the upload. If I select the option without Old bootloader (AT328P) it loads without problems and the serial monitor shows me that MMA is installed and Agopengps waiting. Arduino Nano is original not a clone with chip FTDI not CH340.

Once a 12V power supply is connected, I start everything, and AOG only detects the autosteer in the COM port if I remove the Ads1115 from slot, without it, everything seems to work perfectly, but if it is connected, it does not find the Autosteer.

MMA works, the switches work, the engine works.

Could it be a PCB problem or is the ADS1115 broken (original from Adafruit)?

Any suggestions to check the ADS115?

Thanks in advance

PCB would probably only be a problem if you have made a soldering shortcut somewhere. Check also the WAS lines/soldering for shortcuts

ADS1115 broken with new module works fine :grin:

Nice that you found the exact problem :slight_smile:

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