Advice on how to configure autosteer

Hello everyone and thanks for what you do.

My name is Mattia and I am writing to you from Italy, sorry if there are any writing errors but I am using Google translator.

For about two years now, together with my brother, we have been working and testing AOG to which we have made some hardware and software changes.

My system is composed of:

  • AOG version 6 April 2019 modified

  • emlid reach rs (9mm error);

  • motor on the steering wheel pidjets 500 revolutions per minute powered by 12v;

  • 1 meter calt wire encoder for the angle of the wheels applied on the steering piston

  • bno005 (imu)

  • dogs 2 (roll)

  • arduino uno.

The antenna communicates with the pc via usb and I have no positioning problems.

To make wire encoder work we have modified the arduino sketch.
steerposition = map (steerposition, STEER MAX, STEER MIN, -100, 100)

Subsequently we set watchdogtimer to 2 not having a work switch, in this way the motor always turns.

This is our configuration tested for almost a year on a DEUTZ 6190 P, positioning the antenna in front of the hood also works very well at high speeds.

A few days ago I installed it on a Landini 7830 and the problems started.

after several tests with the antenna always on the hood I noticed that I could not follow an AB line.
I moved the antenna to the roof and now it works much better but not yet as I say.

I am attaching the version of AOG that we use

Thanks for your attention and wish you a good day to all of you!

This Is the version of Arduino Sketch

This Is the version of AOG


look ahead (seconds) = 1.4
multiplier = 1.5
look ahead (meters) = 2

proportional gain = 35
output gain = 80
sidehall = 0

counts degree = 1

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