Just wondering about where the ADVNULLANTENNA (1007,1008,1033) messages should be placed.

in my previous project using Raspberry they were set after 1005 message, we have changed to EsPRTK recently, and using their firmwares messages are shown after 1087.  

will it be an issue? ADVNULLANTENNA messages must be set after 1005 or it dosent matter where to set them…??


Cannot see how the order would matter. It is a random point in the message stream anyway when the receiver starts and the receiver must be built to accept lost/corrupted messages.

ok just testes and seems ok

one more question,

Is message 1230 GLONASS L1 and L2 Code-Phase Biases really necessary to be set?

According to Jos from Back 40 Precision, 1230 should not be required for any modern receiver. He says the bias issues were worked out a long time ago and most 1230 messages would be blank (0 bias) anyway. I have not yet tried disabling that message to see what my 372 does but likely will work fine.