AgIO communication

I am trying to figure out how communication works. (At the moment version is 5.1.3)
I found PGN 5.1.xlsx, where at the PGN-tab is some sort of protocol. What Src column means and Hex/Dec -columns?
“fixed IP list”-tab has some IP-addresses, Ok. At the AgIO-program there is Ethernet Configuration. Are Modules the same thing as things at the “fixed IP list”?
Now the real question is, with all this IP-settings and talk about UDP i can only select COM-ports for IMU, steer and machines. Is the serial communication the only way to to communicate?

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In fact, the two ways of communication are working in parallel: You can either connect your modules via Ethernet or via USB. When connecting via Ethernet, UDP is used which is a connectionless protocoll. It’s like shouting around and anyone who wants may reply. As it is broadcast, don’t modify the parameters apart from the IP address (if needed).

USB uses virtual COM ports, so you have to choose the right one. Advantage: You can see at once, if the communication is working.

It took all day, wondering, source-code reading, but I got at least something working.

I wrote small Python-program to sniff around what AgIO is sending, just to find out that AgDiag has the same hex-data. At least I got it a little more user friendly.

I have wheel angle sensor and IMU board connected to Raspberry Pi, which sends data to AgIO and it actually works. I changed IP-address to broadcast so it doesn’t matter what subnet I happened to have.