AGIO freezing v5.7.2

I’m pretty new to AgopenGPS but love to work with this. I have build a position module using ardusimpleRTK2B (not rusing RTK yet) .
I’m running AGopenGPS v5.7.2 and built a section control. It starts working fine and control the sections on the sprayer, but randomly the Agio window is freezing and position is lost. The sprayer is then shutting down. I then have to kill the agio.exe from Task Manager and start it again. It then works fine, sometimes for a few second and sometimes for several minutes, before it freeze again. I have during spraying yesterday deleted c:\users\username\AppData\local\AgIO"subfolder" several times and restarted. It then works fine for a while before i freezes again. Same thing happens on both a Windows 10 laptop and on a Windows 11 tablet. It seems to work fine if I connect only to GPS or only to section control in “Simulator” mode. Both modules are connected to the computer with separate USB cable and added in AgIO with corresponding COM-port. Anyone else that have this problem?


I have the same problem. Are there any news about this?


Still no News when this Happens? And how to avoid?


Well try the new version.