AGO Background Imagery/ Maps


I was wondering if it possible to put maps or goetiff as a background? It will be very interesting to have some maps in the background for us.

Thank you very much.

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Yes, that is one of the many many ideas to add. did it a bit with VR when it was around. A fellow is taking a break from his masters and is going to work on it dec / jan so am hopeful we can get something like that working


Hey is this still impossible to do?

Haven’t heard any more about it :frowning:

I think background images would be an image offset nightmare. Google uses but can be off WGS84 by many meters due to image scaling and projection. But it would be cool.

Also if your base F9P is averaged in its randomly sorta close but offset to a point on WGS84. Precise Point Positioning the base coordinates improves the sync with Google, and also improves long baseline performance and fix acquisition time and stability. Its easy to do with Emlid as base, but not sure how to do it with the F9P alone.

It is in the latest tree version. Nothing about it is simple. What it boils down to is:

Once a field with a boundary is closed using the tree version, there is a thin red line created in Google earth around the field. It is about 3 times as big as the field. Setting everything to up and north, you copy the image. Open this image in an editor and crop to this red line. Save it as a jpg. This is what the tree program is looking for when you ask it to turn on the background. It will load any jpg file and paint it to the field. Well if the file has a large megapixel it has been known to crash it. There is no shifting but in at this point.

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The plan was to have live google earth as the background, not an image.


When you say live, do you mean as a default it would load the Google earth image already knowing the coordinates. Or displaying live updates from the kml file?

Does anyone know how to export, edit, or create a jpg or png of the background image plus the sections created? I mean without screen shot or using Google earth.

Like live live - like Climate View or any google earth type application. You would literally not have the png background, the coords would be sent to GE and it would be the background.

This application is cool but has scary ramifications, so your BlackRock owned combination seed, chemical, machine, and fertilizer conglomerate gets to know exactly how much you should making them. You literally pay them, so they can farm your data, and eventually your acres without you.


Google will sell your crop information if they have it. If they have enough crop information they can control the markets. They sell all the rest of the information they gather on you. You can live stream the field KML to a web browser based google earth. Much more detail into google, I get suspicious. I’ve practically built a kml version of AOG that saves and reads 90percent of the information in KML form. Then I thought, what happens when they change the KML protocol? Will you then have to pay for the protocol to keep using the software? I built my accounting software and analysis software around Brian’s idea of a simple text file. No one can charge me for a the protocol for a text file. At least not yet. I never though I would pay for bottled water, but I do.


100% agree. Data is valuable, which is why so many companies are tripping over themselves to get your data.