Agopen gps 5.6.0

i just downloaded the 5.6.0 version but when i create a field and the boundry in simulator ,ode the field is very far away.
on the old version i thing we would be right by the field on the simulator
is ther a setting to change that ?

i have put the coordinates of the field but still very far away

First set coordinates, then make field.
If you open a field created at another coordinate it will be hard to find.
If the field is created with gps on , and not in sim, then you must use the correct gps coordinates, on sim to find field.

i dont have the gps conneccted
i did set the coordinates of the midle of the field before creating the field and the boundrys but in sim is still really far

check if the coordinates are correct because they show that they are somewhere in central Saint Helier in