AGOPEN in Fendt 924 with hydraulic control. Super successful project, perfect handling!


Hi Baraki
Is that with the Fendt manufacturer fitted valve, or a Hydraforce (or similar )?

IMG_0701 ATOS cetop valve + 2 pressure sensors + 6 way valve for switching off the autoster



Which ATOS valve have you used exactly?


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Congratulations, it looks very beautiful. I have a similar tractor, will you help?
How did you solve the wheel angle sensor case.

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20200625_093051 20200625_093032 20200625_093008
I installed the RTY Honeywell through the printed clutch. Such a movable connection is necessary because the pin tilts during the operation of the suspended axle. The factory sensor is current, unfortunately …

How do you do the load sensing? Do you have a hydraulic scheme?

Here is my load sensing “module”, the connector output to the LS orbitrol line.

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How much €€€ did you end up with the Cetop hydraulics? And what is the second pressure sensor for?

Good stuff! And really neat installation on the WAS.

Valves are about $ 600, pipes, tees, fittings are an additional $ 120
Sensor 1 is connected to the L line, 2 to the R line. It turns off the autoster when the steering wheel is turned left or right.

You can do that with one sensor and a switch ball valve

You mean the alternative valve. That’s how you could connect. I have also used alternative (pendulum) valves for the output of the LS and noticed that in low-flow conditions, such as slow turning of the steering wheel, oil leaks through such a valve without causing the ball to move and the outlet tightly closed. That’s why I currently use spring loaded check valves. 1 shuttle valve is already in the pressure compensator, adding another these leaks will add up and you will need a certain oil rate to move the balls.
The sensor I use costs 40E, so it’s not a terrible cost, I connect them in series via NC (normally closed) contacts. Disconnecting is immediate.

Which kind of bracket are you use for holding the simple2rtk board ?


do you have the stl for print?

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Which sensor? Is it a pressure transducer or switch?

Guess this can be due to the high flow rating of the shuttle valves, most 3/8” valves are rated for something like 40-45 l/min.

Did you think about using an LS cetop bottom plate? I guess there you have a smaller (and faster reacting) shuttle for the LS? Costs probably a lot more though