Agopengps auto steer with fieldbee L2 receiver and base station

Hi I was interested in making a agopen autosteering on our fendt 411 tms. Since we have a fieldbee L2 manual guidance system now I was wondering if I could yous the receiver or base station for the agopen system. Now with the manual guidance I have a rtk 2cm ntrip signal without paying for a subscription. There is a cable available were I can get a rs232 cable out of the receiver. But I don’t know if that is compatible wit aog. Since I am new here thanks for the help and info.

You can convert the signal with the RS232 to TTL converter, but the important thing here is that the Fieldbee antenna data is NMEA…VTG-GGA

Can´t you connect Fieldbee to computer by Bluetooth or WIFI ? My old Fieldbee L1 do Bluetooth, but I have only used it with AOG ver 4

I dont tink the L2 has bleutooth anymore but I am not sure. I have to create a mobile hotspot in order to use it. But I don’t know if that is supported bij agopen.