AgOpenGPS basic structure scheme

AgOpenGPS is an open-source software that is designed to assist the driver of agricultural machines in driving and implement operation. In addition to that, it also collects some data and might even be used for variable application of fertilizers or crop protection.
The system, compared to commercial ones, is extremely cheap and adaptable to nearly every machine, no matter how old or special it is. With little experience everyone can build their own simple guidance system and upgrade it step by step to a nearly autonomous working machine that does autoturn and turns the implement on and off on its own.
The used components are readily available. The following diagram gives an overview on what is needed for the most common implementation levels. It is not strictly necessary to use exactly the same parts as other users, but it makes life much easier since there will be more support and those components are confirmed to work.


Hello, I’m sorry but I can’t see the image, the link is down, can someone please repair it

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I copied your diagram with a few tweaks to make it work better for on-screen presentation.
I hope it is ok.


One thing with this diagram when people see Roll and heading sensor separeted and see old BOM list for MMA and bno055 they think that’s up to date when in v5 and later only one IMU sensor is used BNO08x or CMPS14.