AgOpenGPS central unit 3.0 teensy 4.1


AGIO is not communicating by ethernet from laptop to teensy.
what can be the problem?

first is first sorry for posting the link hastily after checking at home I have to tell you as a beginner and without experience you need to check what IP the AGO program expects from you IP settings on your computer and what IP was given in the Teensy settings via the Arduino program

is the TeensyMonitor a debugging program? where can i find the library which is red-marked on your screenshot?
you can see on my screenshot the settings from my system. are there some additional settings?

this is the code i use for my teensy4.1:
HW_for_AgOpenGPS/Autosteer_Teensy_UDP_v5_0.ino at main · GormR/HW_for_AgOpenGPS · GitHub

I’m a bit confused now because what I linked is a screenshot from the settings Autosteer_gps_teensy_v 5_5 and yours are Autosteer_Teensy_UDP_v5_0.ino and at this point I don’t know what you want to set GPS or Autoster but from the screen you showed, it shows that Teensy IP is
did you checked Tennsy’s IP after connecting to USB and entering it through the monitor in the Arduino program…

You can see my setup on the photo.

So I think that I cant define every module (GPS, Autosteer,…) at AGIO, because all the modules are connected to the teensy and not itself to a switch. Thats why I think I have to use the code of the “Autosteer_Teensy_UDP_v5_0.ino”.
But the problem is that I dont get an connection with the GPS-signal from teensy to the tablet.

my knowledge is limited at this point, I would like to help you but I don’t know what else could be wrong,
it seems to me that if the IP in the AGO program itself and in the computer/tablet are correct, you should check the correctness of the IP in Teensy itself, if the Teensy IP is correct, does Teensy itself work and get GPS data if not whether the GPS modules have the correct configurations loaded
sorry again, I would like to help you man but I don’t know what could be wrong

It’s a draft firmware solution …

I would try to adapt the new teensy panda version for this board.