Agopengps freezing with new update

I’m not completely sure if it’s the update or on my end, but Agopen is freezing intermittently and has to be manually closed/restarted. All aspects of my setup work fine ( delphi WAS with ADS, Emlid RTK, IBT hydraulics, steer switch, PCB Ver.2, serial gps and UDP nano). But after 2-5 mins of operation, crashes. Any common causes that I could check? Have already checked all drivers and wiped agopen including appdata. I took the GPS out main vehicle to map some farms in a buggy, and when I put back in, problems started.

You are using udp! Is agopen freezing or only the input /output?

Agopen freezing I believe. The whole program becomes unresponsive. I tried with all just serial and turning off UDP, but the same happens.

What happens when you use an older version?

Sorry folks, false alarm. Turned out to be a faulty FTDI chip in my GPS cable.

Good you found the problem. If you look in the bottom right corner, you can see a little green light that goes out if you lost GPS signal.

Actually, not sure that was the problem. Tried another USB to RS232 cable, and whole program will freeze after about a minute of parsing data. When I connect the GPS over serial Bluetooth, no problem at all. Same Hz and baud. Any idea what the that could be about? I mean, if it ain’t broke… But cable would probably be more reliable than Bluetooth I imagine.