AgOpenGPS is Already Running?

Hello hoping someone can help,

The situation is I click to open AOG and the message “AgOpenGPS is Already Running”
pops up… its not running

I have uninstalled AOG, and restarted laptop.

I have now got it to open, the disclamer comes up and i press to accept, then the normal screen shows, but everything is frozen, cant even maximise the window.

Probably something very simple to those in the know!


I guess you have to install the latest .net software


Seems that is up-to-date

Only thing I have done just before it crashed today was try to link up an Arduino as section control

This is all I can get of AOG

Really frustrating as I want to get on with testing the section control.

Must be a problem with your graphic driver. Can you try an older version?

I had to install a new driver for the laptop to talk to the arduino (cheap Chinese Arduino) could this be the cause?

Can you tell me and computers don’t get on?

i think it is probably com port issue
connect your nano
try to uninstal the nano com port from device manager

and restart AOG
and unplug the arduino and reconnect it
and research it in port serial

Hi just got back in from feeding the cattle!
Connected the nano, uninstalled it and the driver associated, so that i can no longer see it in device manager.
If i plug it back in though it recognises it again, which i would guess means i haven’t been able to uninstall properly???

Uninstalled everything i could find to do with AOG
Reinstalled latest version.

Opened programme and it freezes cant do anything with it, cant even close it down.

Must be something i have done today as regards setting up the nano, as it was working perfectly yesterday!

Must say massive thanks for the advice this far, because i don’t know where to go from here!


to uninstall the nano in device manager you need to do right click on com port device and uninstall

also if you remove agopengps did you clean also your personal folder ? document
and at least the program folder

after you can reinstall agopengps
and after nano by unplug and replug it

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After following what you said i installed v3 to see if that works… and it does, like a dream.
Not going to try V4 again untill my patience level has increased with the laptop…
It has pushed me to buy a tablet though so i can run v4 in the tractor.

On another positive section control is working like a dream… excited for building the autosteer PCB!

Thanks for the help, great that people are there to help out the clueless!!