AgOpenGPS system.

I am in the process of switching to Ag Leader autosteer as I don’t have the time to keep up with Ag open anymore.
I thought I would list this stuff on here to see if it could help someone. There are 2 systems like this, I think they are based on the version 1 or 2 pcb design from a couple years ago. It worked well for me for several years.
Steering motors are phigets motors I’ll include a princess auto sensor to use for a wheel angle sensor. Asking $150 plus actual shipping for each setup.

Hi Keith
I have some interest where are you located ?
Thanks Chris

Hey Keith, I’m on the opposite; going from a commercial lightbar and upgrading to AOG. Would I be able to use a sparkfun F9P with these? If not, what antenna did you use? Could you pm me some more info? I’d be interested in both.

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