AgOpenGPS Video Meeting 11

New meeting coming up. If you want to be notified via email please fill in the Google Form. I’m also trying to figure out what time works best for most again so if you have a minute please fill it in.

Wilbert Talen is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.

Topic: AgOpenGPS Video Meeting 11
Time: Feb 10, 2020 02:30 PM Halifax That’s at 18:30 UTC

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Meeting ID: 142 181 295
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Just a short question: Times in the form UTC or local time?

Your local time.

Just posting here to remind everyone of the upcoming meeting today. See link above.

I’ll hopefully make one of these meetings some day!

Here’s a link to the video

14:39:19 From AO : confirm - when the field is open the numbers of section could not be changed 14:39:54 From WT : V4 Alpha testing discussion
14:42:51 From WT : Arduino backwards compatibility V4
14:43:57 From WT : New version doesn’t allow A/D Arduino conversion
14:45:31 From WT : NTRIP in tablet mode
14:46:49 From CM : how different will parts list be for v4
14:48:43 From WT : Using Discourse group for WIKI
14:58:58 From CM : I agree with buying the board from someone, a lot of newby users wont take on the board plus too many chances of board issues like Brian says
15:00:19 From CM : Also the parts list is great but I was simply ordering parts that I had no idea what they would look like so didn’t even know if I was getting the proper parts
15:02:17 From WT : Encouraged to buy PCB
15:05:35 From WT : Liability for Autosteer board
15:12:38 From WT : interrupts 15:13:33 From DG : A comment regarding the pcb distribution: I once talked with the ardusimple guys - they do not like kits, prefer complete products but we have some problems with products (liability) 15:16:59 From DG :…
15:17:04 From WT : PoE discussion
15:20:11 From WT : PoE jack 15:25:20 From WT : Tool Tips
15:26:13 From CM : put that info into the wiki 15:34:33 From CM : remote for encoder is good for me

Anyone have a link to Brian’s power/cat5 adapter?

Don’t know if this is the exact one, but sure looks like it.

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Same thing, yes