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This Saturday January 18th at 17:00 UTC we’ll be having another video meeting. Anyone is welcome to join. Here’s at least one topic that will be discussed

Wilbert Talen is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.

Topic: AgOpenGPS video meeting 9
Time: Jan 18, 2020 01:00 PM Halifax

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Other suggested topics:

  • What to do with the wiki and where to put it
  • Ubx parser for dual antenna in AoG
  • Export to KML
  • Machine / implement control, and how to do the variable rate control.
  • showing input from implement (like precision planting 20/20 monitor)?
  • The concept of boundaries/limits using multiple outer/inner boundaries.
  • The test version by Daniel (Brian’s github). I haven’t got deeper in this and the limits/problems
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Supported hardware for version 4.

Theme for tomorrow
Concept for INO code:
Noticed, that guys search code for roof unit or section control… this code exists but no one finds it. So suggestion: folder Arduino code and folder ESP32 code.
subfolders for

  • autosteer
  • roof unit
  • section control
  • rate/section control

In my opinion, everything must be included in the sub folder: libraries… So the user must be able to download, unzip and install on Arduino/ESP from the Arduino IDE. No extra install of libraries…

When redefining the data transfer to/from AOG we should define which one supports USB, WIFI, Ethernet

PS I don’t know if I’ll be there tomorrow

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Timeframe of dual antenna possibility and what other hardware that would affect
Hardware & parts list
Schematic of where to put pieces, like gps, WAS, Brick, antenna
Variable rate, section control setup, end of row lift

Thanks for the info at meeting. My question is with the version 4 now. I just ordered some pcbv2 boards and all the parts to solder onto them. Do I just put that all on the bench and wait for a V4 board and hope most of my parts fit into that or do I build the V2 board and hope it will it work with V4 AOG in the future?

Also during the meeting was the first time I had heard about a steering wheel encoder to disengage autosteer, I had thought about it but it wasn’t mentioned in parts list. With PCBV2 is there any allowance or way to use an encoder to disengage?

I’m sure that v2 board will still work with the v4 program. It’s just the .ino that is used currently will be obsolete.

The pcbv2 has no connection for it. The steer encoder to disengage comes from the ropecope pcb and the coffeetrac sketch

Could I wire an encoder through the on/off switch. So if encoder senses movement of steer wheel it turns switch to off. I am planning on hydraulic steer

The v2 board has an input called remote. If you put a few magnets on the steer shaft and a sensor, it can trigger off autosteer without spending the hundreds of dollars for the specialized encoder. Outback and trimble have been doing that for years for pennies. I have never even seen a picture of the encoder, price, purchase source, so can’t really comment it either. But there is nothing wrong with the v2 boards.

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Thanks Brian, the tractor has an outback in it now so that should be fairly easy. I never thought about it until today but how does AOG engage on a line. If the switch is on and I get close enough does it just grab the line or so I need to put a footswitch or toggle switch in. My thought was just a toggle switch on the on/off. Are you using the IMP for the end of row lift? Or am I reading that schematic wrong and those are inputs and not outputs for controlling imp lift and sectional controls.

If the autosteer is on, it will go find the nearest line. It’s not like commercial ones where you have to be close enough or it kicks you out.

Yes those are inputs for controlling manual button to turn on sections

Thank you all of you, interesting meeting again.
For the pcbv4 I suppose there will be more protected inputs, so D2 could be the choise for encoder (D2 is used in coffeetrac now)
Perhaps an option in aog 4 program, where you choose which input you use for encoder?
And of course the setting of how many counts before turning off steering, with the timing limit, so it does not turn off after perhaps 3 counts in 5 minutes.

And YES anything that toggles on and off when turning the steering wheel, can be used as encoder (hall reed, glass reed, optical reed or even a mechanical switch) no need for the expensive one.

If the input “Remote” is for a sensor, what is the “Steer” input for? Is that for a manual switch to turn on and off the auto steer? Would you use only one of the two, “Remote” or “Steer”? Or would you use both with the “Remote” overriding the “Steer”, while the “Steer” is always on? Also is the “Steer” the same as the button on AOG screen?

AFAIK the remote switch is not aog ready but more on the pcb for future things.
Steerswitch → turn on/off autosteer
IMP switch → turn on/off workswitch /mark/ sections on/off
Remote switch → not assigned but could be good for the hydraulic lift of the tractor or so.

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