AgOpenGPS Video Meeting 9

13:03:01 From A. B. : if you don’t mind, can I stay with you and listen?
13:03:30 : Absolutely totally fine
13:07:52 : UBX parser
13:10:33 From A. B. : I agree with Doppelgrau. {;lease guys, do not tie the desing only to ubx
13:12:19 : ESP32 synchronization
13:14:25 : external libraries unecessary
13:15:22 : 3 boards sandwiched together and it works
13:15:39 : V4 pair down options
13:19:01 : PAOGI description
13:19:56 : one field missing in the PAOGI
13:20:03 : ?
13:20:24 : recommended New spec for PAOGI
13:24:36 : Arduino set up through UDP
13:24:47 : V4
13:26:23 From A. B. : oh, its now much easier to setup. No need to sit at night any more and write annoing posts to telegram chat
13:37:15 : EEPROM settings
13:41:40 : What is the ideal set up, roaming control box or stationary in tractor?
13:41:41 From A. B. : Its more often possible a situation, where user takes a tablet and goes from tractor to combine.
13:42:31 From A. B. : so user must be able to IMPORT uino settings. no?
13:43:34 : File extensions? click on the icon and AOG opens
13:54:14 : One board shall rule them all. That is V3!
13:55:13 : Encoder Qs
14:03:02 : Multiple Boundaries
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Thanks to all of you that took their time today to host and speak at the meeting. It was very interesting and just shows us new guys how much you have put into this. If I can be of any help let me know, I am not a programmer but if there is a place I could be of service.
Thanks again