Agrifac to AgOpenGPS

Men of the AgOpenGPS world (and ladies)

Please bare with me I am keen novice to all this.

I’m looking and gathering parts to create an auto steer system for a agrifac condor 3, currently using SBG egnos for 13 sections control (which I’d like to move over to AgOpenGPS in the future)

Planning to start with a single Simplertk2b f9p, cmps14 IMU and cytron + motor (with upgrade to hydraulic steer when I’ve a better understanding of this all)

The sprayer has a WAS already ( Elobau 424A Series 1-5V 120° Angle Sensor) would this be possible to ‘t’ into to use with the PCB?

Any suggestions or ideas for the system would be greatly received

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Can’t just do it all via CANBUS? How is the SPG stuff all connected?

Thanks for the quick reply! Again forgive my naivety.

Into the back of the SBG screen is

X15 (RS232)

X4 (CAN1)
X2 (Ethernet)
X1 (power)

There is no IMU and the machine doesn’t have the hydraulic steer valve block on

@CommonRail I’ve been away and sniffed about with the arduino CANshields.

From my understanding

0x8CAC1C13 is the WAS

I’ve tried uploading the valtra AOG on one of the uno and had a play connected to the agrifacs CAN 3 where I found the WAS I.d but coming through on AGO, the act WAS in steer settings is very brick like. The green bar moves in chunks (sometimes) but never in a smooth manner following turning the steering wheel.

Any ideas?