AIO, Current sensor V5.7

AIO V5.7 latest firmware installed, the Steering current sensor when at rest reads 52% and when steering hovers around the 50% mark.

I set the current sensor to turn steering off at 60%, yet when I grab the wheel the steering current goes down to around the 30% mark.

Is this a known problem?

There was a change in the ino to fix that. I think it will be in the next release today or tomorrow

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Brilliant, thanks.

I did confirm that the pressure sensor code has been fixed in 5.7.1.

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Does the version of the ACS712 make a difference in how the percent amperage is measured? I have the 30A version of the ACS712 and my current reading is hovering around 5% under normal operation and rising to 8-9% when I grab the motor gear. I am still testing on the bench at the moment so I don’t know if having it hooked up in the tractor will make a difference or not. From what I have read on these forums it seems most people are using the 20A version of the sensor. If the Amp version of the sensor does make a difference, is there a change to the autosteer .ino code that would make it work better or is it better to get the 20A version of the board?

It absolutely makes a difference! Your 20A is scaled for -20A to +20A equals 0-5V output. 0A = 2.5V
A 5A does the same with -5 to +5. So putting 2A through a ACS-20 will only get you from 2.5V up to 2.75V

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So which to get - 5, 20 or 30 amp?

I’m using the 12V to 24V converter on my build which has a 10A max output according to the label on it. So I am assuming the 20A version would be the way to go since the 5A version could potentially be fried by the converter.

The 5A sensor will survive up to 25amp, his output is optimized for 0-5A. should work for most cases
the 5A is 187mv/A theorically this gives reading up to 13A but the chart stops at 5, so I don’t know what happen to the reading above 5A
the 20A is 100mV/A