AIO micro 4.1 female ampseal harness

Hi All! Finally populated my AIO microv4.1 without magic smoke! and now I wanted to create an ampseal female harness similar to the one Guy1000 offered for sale post. Wanted to get more info from Guy1000 but the topic is closed! Search also for the term harness but nothing much came out from the search. In the image below, I am showing Guy1000’s image of the item he sold on the left side and the ampseal pinout on the right. The harness shows 6 separate male (I assume) connectors that comes out of the ampseal female plug. I can’t figure out how many wires are involved for each of the 6 connectors and how they correspond to the different female wires marked A thru E. I can figure out probably connector 6 is for the battery. Any assistance much appreciated. Thx

WAS: Any suggestion on how to wire the WAS (its unmarked supposedly land rover height sensor) to ampseal as illustrated below
was wiring

Steer Switch: In a post using a different board it shows a steer switch. Its a 3 wire but I think the resulting discussion stated it should only be a 2 wire? Looking at the ampseal pinout, the relevant pins will have to be 5, 6, 7, and 8. So for aio v4.1 micro how do I go about wiring (which pinout goes to what and what kind of switch) from end to end steering related harness
steer switch