AIO V2.4 is not working anymore

Hello, I have the 2.4 micro AIO and it has been acting up lately, I had to connect and disconnect the power multiple times to get all the modules to work. I updated the firmware on the teensey to the latest version but nothing is working anymore, the LEDs do not work and Arduino IDE doesn’t recognize the teensey anymore. I tried to erase the memory on the teensey by pushing the programming button for 13-17 seconds but it is not working. Any idea what happened and what to do? How can I test the teensey to find out if it got damaged?

Take the Teensy off the AIO and connect it to computer over USB. Factory reset to load Blink sketch and work from there.

I did that but the teensey is not responding at all.

You positive you did factory reset, followed procedure exactly ?

I removed the teensy from the AIO, connected it to laptop USB and pushed the programming button for 13-17 seconds. This what it said on teensy website.

I found the 3.3v regulator that powers the f9p is burnt so I changed it with another from another board that I had. I think the teensy is dead so I ordered another one and waiting for it to arrive.

Any idea what might have caused the regulator to burn?

I tested the power at the teensey header and it is 5v as it is supposed to be, is there any other tests that I can do to make prevent the new teensey from falling?

What is the part number for this 3.3v regulator so I can order one more just in case?

Thanks for the help.

Any fixed 3.3v, 3 pin switching regulator with ground on pin 2 (middle pin) will work, just make sure you put it in the correct way. Probably 0.5A minimum, 1A recommended, 2A will work too just overkill. They usually have 7803 in their number.