All-in-one Board "Lock Relay" Stays Locked?

Ok so I am at the point of trying to get this board up and running and now my “Lock Relay” stays on no matter what I do in settings. It is tied to the number 7 Pin and that pin is getting a constant 12V. Are the boards made wrong or what do I need to Trace? Already had an issue with JLCPCB putting the 7805 and IRC5305 in the wrong spots. Thanks for any help. If it needs to be a new thread I will do that.

Are you using the correct NO relay? This is the wiring pinout

You might also need to play about with the sensor cut out figure, think the starting point is about 30 then adjust to suit

Also I should mention im using the Baraki Hyd Valve and the V4.1 all in one board. I do have a relay like that one but didnt know it had to be wired very specifically.

Have you done any mods to the cytron?

I did some tracing on the board and the Q3 transistor seems to be shot.