All in one PCB using serial port

Hi guys!

Does anyone know where to get info for proper settings for Aio for 2.4 board using serial port?

I tried to use UDP, but it’s somethig wrong either with the PCB or with Teensy. I blame myself that I probably did something wrong during soldering.

When I connect Teensy using serial port, I can conect only to one module. I usualy connect to GPS antena. The Aio lightens antena with a green square. But when I try to connect other modules, I have a message that it isn’t able to connect. However, I have all the data from IMU and WAS in the top left corner when I connect just the GPS antena. But I have another problem - the tractor in the Bottom Right corner is stil PURPLE! I have WAS, IMU, GPS and a work swithch connected and it looks like that no steering module connected. There is nothing happens when i press work switch.

Thank you for your help and sorry for taking your time.

The AiO code is not meant for USB connection to AoG, the USB is only for debugging.

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Thank you for your help Matthew! This is a realy valuable information!

I orderdered a new Teensy, and I hope it will help! :grinning: