All products i need to start with AgOpenGPS


I was looking for a topic where i can find all the parts i need to order to start with a AgOpenGPS Autopilot steering with hydraulic valve. On RTK or on Waas /Egnos.

In the past i thought there was a topic here wich stated all you need to start.

I may be blind. But i connot find it.

Anyone has a idea?

-A tablet or laptop
-GPS antenna (most of use ardusimple antennas)
-Imu (BNO080, BNO085 or CMPS14)
-Arduino nano
-A/D converter
-PCB (you can find the Gerber files in the support folder, there are multiple choises)
-The components for the PCB (resistors, capasitors relay, etc
-Wheel angle sensor (i use a delphi riđe height sensor, works great, also there are other)
-Step up converters(one for the steering motor, one for charging the laptop, for a tablet to charge you need a step down converter(depending on the voltage))
-Steering motor
-10A fuse
-Motor controller (Cytron or IBT2)

You can find the parts at:
Ebay (wheel angle sensor, tablet)
Aliexpress (IMU, arduino, A/D converter, step up or down converters, motor controller)
Ardusimple site for the antennas


Hello Stefan

Thank you very much!!

Your welcome, good luck and have fun putting it together. If you have more questions don’t hesitate to ask.


Is the MMA8452Q Breakout Board
same as IMU controller?

Also we have a GPS Antenna L1/L2.
So i guess we need a gnss board and 4g ntrip module by ardusimple. Because i want to use a Ntrip server true mobile.

Also what more parts besides a Valve we need for hydraulic valve steering?

The MMA is a ghost from previous versions (up to version 4) that needs exorcising from the V5 support files as it has been superseded and no longer supported.

There are so many different ways to do most things with an Agopen build. You can use an Ardusimple 4g module, alternatively though you can use their Basic Starter Kit with a sim card in the laptop or use your phone as a wifi hot spot for the laptop to get the corrections via ntrip.

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Ok, So i can not use the MMA8452Q Breakout Board that i just orderd with all the other parts for the pcb that are in the parts list and i also orderd a PCB at JLCPCB.

Wich one do i need then? And is the mounting of this PCB still the same as in the video’s from AgOpenGPS PCB (V2) Assembly - YouTube

Or can i trow everything in the trashcan?

There is to much information here haha

You can use any of the PCBs with a BNO080 or BNO085 chip on them with the V2 PCB, but only the CMPS14 can plug straight onto the V2 like the MMA did. However the CMPS14 PCB does require its header pins to be desoldered and then soldered onto the other side to fit like that. The CMPS14 is a specific version of a BNO085 PCB, all the others do vary in their pin layout and required voltage, so you will have to double check how to connect whichever version you get.

Instead of mounting the IMUs on my V2 PCBs, I chose to fix most of my CMPS14 and BNO085 PCBs alongside the V2 and use short jumper wires to connect them. I also have a self propelled sprayer which has a CMPS14 connected to a separate arduino as a remote IMU, so that it is mounted over the non-steering axle.

Thank you for your anwser.

But for my 1st project i can still use the MMA but then with version 4 or lower?
When i continue with v5 and higher i need the CMPS14. Correct?



Versions 4 and 3 are still available for download, so you can use them, but I would advise ordering a BNO08x board as soon as you can. I presume they are not about to be superceded any time soon.

There must be quite a few redundant MMA from existing AgOpen builds. 4 of them here at least. I’m not about to go back to v4.3 just to use them up though.

Is this the right one?

Just to clarify, BNO08x is a short hand for any chip starting BNO08. BNO080 and BNO085 are the two most common versions.

Yes, that Adafruit board is one of a several BNO08x boards that have been successfully used with AgOpen v5

Thank you very much for your help!!