All wheel Steering Tractor JCB

Hello everyone,

What are the thoughts on a All wheel Steering Tractor. (which means it is able to steer the same wheel angle on the rear axle to go in a circle). My question is where to put the Antenna, and also if Maybe a dual Antenna would be better?

BR Peter

I asked this on telegram last year but got no response, but in the photo the pivot is in the middle.


Yes i totally agree. But What to Set in AOG.

  1. which vehicle typ
  2. Distace from What?

imagine a virtual axle in the midle an consider it as rear axle if similar turning wheel*
put your antenna in front of him
considere your linkage with the back lengh of the machine

*in case of assymetric turning like linder lintrac do the centroid with angle value to define the rear axle

So you mean, chose normal tractor Mode and devide the wheelbase by two and Antenna before the virtual - reare axle-.
What Do you think about Single or dual Antenna?

for antenna
as @BrianTee_Admin say :slight_smile: image