All works great on laptop but i cannot get rtk fix on tablet

I have a panda setup composed of Panasonic FZ G1 ,Teensy , bno085 and zed f9p -USB. I cannot manage to get rtk fixed or float on the tablet (only gps single) in AOG , but on my laptop i have no problem. I’ve tried disabling the Antivirus, and the firewall but to no results. Also, ucenter on the tablet seems to work and i can reach float signal . The view of the sky is clear.

How are you getting RTK-radio, hotspot, Bluetooth, etc…

Via Sim Card with ntrip client( I have integrated sim card slot on tablet). But I’ve tried with wifi and still not working.

Could you send a picture of the ntrip client configuration please? And do you have AOG set to send to receiver over usb?

Also , when i plug only the ublox module i can get rtk fix , but when i pass everything through teensy it doesn’t work . The gps module gets com 6 assigned automatically by windows and teensy com 5

are you using usb or ethernet?

its set for usb

I use usb

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I have the same settings ,use USB , N trip (distance 15km),but have no fix screen !The screen turns , the traktor speed go up an down and the ligtbar move all the time