Alpha Test of v4.6

Vili took the latest Alpha version out for a spin today. There might be some hope after all :slight_smile:

Short Field Video

The starting interface is super clean, shows only buttons if you need them.



How it works?

Now at home, it seems to me that it works a lot better than 4.3, the CMPS14 helps, but all the time I worked without RTK it seemed that it had it. The GUI looks fabulous. I was working without Uturn, that’s for another day.

Field Closed, all clean


can’t wait to try it, seems very promising!!!

Next day i try VR :stuck_out_tongue:

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Maybe give us more information about your setup, antenna placement and this stuff

PCB Kaupoi v3
CMPS 14 i try connected into MMA socket, and later with USB+nano, with this option you see info in AigO about IMU
Antenna and receiver F9P + ANN -MB -00
Antenna placement Roof of cabin, center
System for SteerWheel Gears+Chinesse motor 60PG60S


Very nice! Hope there will be a release before seeding and planting this spring so the draft offset problem will be solved!

2 request (sorry for my english)
For next version, can you make you turn in headline ?
For us in France, it is important for sprayers. IMG_20210307_183359

I have installed bno085 in the pcb box and the work is very good. I hope v4.6 can work with my bno. :wink:

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Snowy field test today. Finally figured out how to do an Integral on pure pursuit and the results are very good. You know, it’s like learning how a magic trick is done - but until then it is pure magic.


Hi Brian, this is certainly great news for most of this community. Pure Pursuit has always given good results under any conditions, surely and as you said once, it is more forgiving of regulation and calibration errors. They are great results. Thank you for your effort and tenacity.

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Almost perfect, the great thing about the non-aligned WAS and Aog still following the line.

Last year had the same experience by cornseeding with uturn that pure pursuit followed the line much better as stanley and could turn on a smaller diameter but by following the straight line for me was better the stanley ( speed between 9 and 10 km /h ). Could it be coused because of using mma and that made more noise and stanley could it better smoothen ?

yes it could have. Or you had the look ahead too far ahead perhaps? Also it seems PP does like a higher CPD value since i think the reaction is slower - maybe?. As you see in the video, they both hold the line really well, even in bumpy snow.

If it is wandering back and forth - now i know this will sound quite profound - but something is set wrong. not very helpful, but it is a big clue. Pure is sensitive to wheelbase - Stanley is not. Stanley is sensitive to heading much more so then PP. PP is less sensitive to rough ground.

What does the Integral Value in the Display top left mean? Integral adds XX 1/10 Degree to the Steering?

It is possible that the settings were wrong. With stanley to force it to uturn on smaller diameter have changed smaller turn diameter. Look ahead by PP was by the speed about 8 m if I remember correctly.

What is CPD value?
You said, PP is less sensitive to heading and less sensitive to rough ground. Would say that gives more then two counters for PP. :wink:

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CPD Counts Degree

Looks so good on youtube Brian! Interesting move back to PP, I never had much luck with PP, but if it can work like that, then clearly has alot of hope… How much more work is needed before first release?