Alternate baraki presure sensor location

Hi all,

I just finished getting my hydraulic autosteer system installed and functioning, and i think most evreything works except the pressure sensor controlled autosteer disengage. From the reading i have done, this is because i plumbed my baraki valve in series after my “orbitrol” and not before, hence there is no pressure rise on the input to the orbitrol to trigger the sensor when i try to turn the wheel.

I had a spacer block custom machined so that i could access oil for the P and T ports in the steering system at the same place that the tractor was designed to have its steering system oil used. Because of that, i cant plumb my baraki valve in before my “orbitrol” without getting another spacer block machined.

my question: where in my existing system could i put a pressure sensor so that i can have automatic autosteer disengage?

thanks for the help!

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Could you fit a steering encoder on the steering wheel?

i probably could somehow, although those lock solenoids really lock tight, almost like the steering wheel is welded. it would have to be a really sensitive encoder. if i could tee a pressure sensor into a hydraulic line that would maybe be best. not sure.

Yes I thought after that my steering wheel is solid too.

For the most part disengage with the steer switch, but really need a safety backup as well.

I did think about taking a signal from brake pedal to trigger disengagement, could be set so fine it disengaged long before the physical brakes are activated.

could a guy put a sensor on each of the orbitrol lines going into the baraki valve? They would see a pressure spike, right? i would guess that you could make a y cable and wire both sensors in parallel so that if eithier went high aog would see it the same as it sees one sensor now? I would hate to have to have another spacer block machined, but that is an option, although not one i want.