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Hey everyone!
I was thinking of a way to see all my fields always on screen. So i haven’t that big fields where i can drive 4 hours long and if i finished a field i have to search for the name for the next field. Often i dont know the name of the field because i have 300+ and that is very frustrating. So maybe there is a way to see all fields and if i am in the field i normaly start my autosteer.

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Wouldn’t you then have a problem selecting the correct wayline amongst those n times 300+ waylines?

Would it not be sufficient if you drive to a specific field and the closest (current) field could be selected from the top of the list? Not sure if AOG already does this.

Have you tried “Drive in” in the field menu? this option opens the field in which you are.


This is wild what is your average field size? What country are you in?

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No it should look like this. This is an unstable version which i downoaded some months ago.(there you can see all fields and if you are in one field you can create an ab line and so on) So probably someone updated it. It would also be great to use it in the new Version, because i would like to use the V5 because its better to handle.
Screenshot 2021-07-24 125352

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Moi c’est pareil je suis en france j’ai beaucoup de champ sa serai bien de pouvoir faire un import kml avec plusieurs parcelles sa me faciliterait la tâche d’import parce que une a une c’est long

I’m sure the developers understand what you want but I’d expect you to explain first how you would work with AB-lines in this case.

Sure you would avoid selecting a field all together and you would be able to create AB-lines as you wish. But once you have created AB-lines for all of these 300+ fields, how would you pick up the correct one.

It would also be useful to know how far the furthest away fields are from each other?

Seems to me that you are trying to avoid an issue that has already been solved (see previous posts how to easily select the current field) and at the same time you are creating a bigger problem with AB-line selection.

You must have a great memory, that looks like it would be so easy to cultivate a wrong field or forget one. I will never complain about going around sloughs again.

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That looks like grass boulevards in a city. :crazy_face:


Yea haha thats the point its pretty difficult to know where the field starts and ends. Its even more difficult if a Helper drives for me.

Moi pour ma part le seul souci et l’import un a un qui et compliqué. Il faut exporté de Google earth ensuite dans aog faire nouveau, kml, lui donner un nom et on a la parcelle.

Dans l’idéal ce serai de pouvoir faire un export global dans Google, et un import global dans aog, ensuite via le drive in ouvrir la parcelle ou on est.
Je suis équipé de tracteur fendt avec leur guidage d’origine j’ai tous mes champ des que je rentre dans un il me le détecte et voilà exactement comme le drive in.

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Okay so you imported all your fields at once? And now you can always see all your fields? If i understand that correct. How did you do that :blush:

Bon, vous avez importé tous vos champs en une seule fois ? Et maintenant vous pouvez toujours voir tous vos champs ? Si je comprends bien. Comment avez-vous fait cela ? :blush:

Et non justement on ne peut pas faire ça c’est ce que je trouve qu’il manque pour les personne comme moi qui on beaucoup de parcelle

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Okay so its been a while now and i have still the same issue, so does anyone know if there is any working Version, which shows all the fields?