Amazon Sidewalk location tracking

Please let me know if this is too off-topic from AgOPenGPS, but it may be useful for exploring LoRa or other technology for location tracking. On our little farm, we are looking at asset tracking specifically for the sheep and maybe a camera or two that can work at some distance from the mesh network.

I was looking around, trying to see what technologies were available. A neighbor mentioned he was Helium mining. That took me to LoRa, which took me to “Sidewalk”.

I purchased a eero 6 mesh network, a Echo 4th gen hub, a Echo Dot3, and a “Tile Mate”.

That’s my project so far. I have no plans to use LoRa with my zed-F9P, which is actually working well for AgOPenGPS with the Telit3G chip on board for corrections to a web based CORS station, now that I used the @Aortner configuration file. But possibly LoRa and Sidewalk could be used for location tracking with this hardware which seems priced reasonably.

I’m thinking of putting an Echo 4th Gen Dot at th gate 1400’, 427 m away. For electricity, I am considdering what wire to run. The Echo dots come with an adapter for 100v-240v, 24 watts. I have (US standard) split phase electricity with 120v on each leg and I am considering a 120v to 240v converter and run a 16ga, 2(two) wires at 240 volts (neutral and 240v)and still have 180v at the gate where I could have a camera, a Dot and a gateway for the trackers. AWS may have a Location Tracking API that could work in this plan.