Another rookie

I am a farmer from Serbia, Southern Banat
I started collecting parts to build an auto steer.
For now I bought a Panasonic tablet, ibt2 driver and today I ordered a PCB from Poland and an F9p from Germany
I hope I introduced myself correctly
I am completely ignorant about electronics, programming and other things, but I hope I will succeed in making it


Welcome. You are in for an adventure. Many here started the same way. Can be very interesting and very good learning experience.


Thank you

I encourage you to document your progress and problems here. It is good for others to follow. Your inexperience is an asset for the development team to learn what needs to be done to make it simpler.


Of course, I will post photos of the purchased parts and the production process.
I am currently waiting for the payment to go through for pcb boards.
My F9p is traveling towards me

steering motor

holder in the making

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can anyone share the wiring diagram for the IBT2?
Where to get the signal and the rest?
Is there anything else needed?
The IBT would sit next to the main board in a separate box

I have this PCB