Antenna and vehicle set up help needed

Hi Guys - I am looking for some help with settings on my 4 wheel sprayer - it only has the one mode so all wheels turn together.I have sensor on back axle - in aog I have about 39 ° both ways and all seems fine there but question is do I actually have double that as both axles turning ? Because it will snake down a straight line Also my gps antenna in front of front axle and booms way behind back axle -how do I account for this in vehicle set up?
I am not concerned if it messes up the u term accuracy- just need it to go a bit straighter !.
I am using the newest v4
Any help gratefully received
Regards Pete.

Will you have to adjust your wheelbase to compensate?

When a 4 wheel steer vehicle is turning, the centre of the vehicle is effectively like a rigid axle.

Using a 2 wheel steer model, you could try setting it up as though the middle of the wheel base is where the rear axle is.

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Yes it would definitely be twice the turn degrees since both wheels are turning. Also agree antenna close to middle but also even 1/2 way forward since you can almost ignore the back half of the sprayer and treat it like a very fast turning short wheelbase (which would be half the distance of actual wheelbase) tractor. You can set your counts per degree to twice what they actually are to compensate for twice as fast turning. Use stanley, and start out with gentle settings. Setting Overshoot reduction and Agressiveness to 1 and then turn them up slowly to see if it helps/hurts. I assume you will be cruising in that thing!

Fun project!

Thank you for your help @BrianTee - I will try your suggestion - not sure at cruising in it @ 28 years old ! But does a job
I am super excited to get this project off the ground Thank you so much for putting this out there - I have an all singing and dancing RTK system on a Claas Axion but this is much more fun & rewarding not to mention easier on the pocket !!
I have pinched @Alan.Webb design of steering motor bracket - will post pics when get it going straight
Cheers Guys.

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