Any concerns pushing to a public NTRIP caster?

Other than network bandwith is there any concerns with pushing stream to RTK2GO?
I think this community is great and considering advertising my stream information and keeping my push to rtk2go going so others can utilize it. Just wondering what risks, disadvantages there are.

Primary risk - rtk2go is free service provided by SNIP and they have liberal ban policy that can ban you for just leaving NTRIP client open and having too many reconnect attempts, they can also take down rtk2go at any time temporarily/permanently leaving you without RTK.

Privacy - You broadcast your base (home?) location can be used to send you mail, come to steal from you very expensive autosteer (if you got RTKbase you got autosteer systems), call police/SWAT teams to your house. Rtk2go serial killer ? :alien:

Advantages - easy to setup, cheapest option few dollar ESP32 with NTRIP master firmware is enough to have RTK base. You help local community to adopt DIY autosteer with lowering cost/knowledge entry threshold.

I use RTK2go as its convenient, cheap to setup free to use. But keep backup system ready to portforward on ruter and broadcast from laptop.

Great points! Hadn’t thought of a few of those points.

More pondering is required.

Would love to easily share my base corrections to whomever wants it, but gotta protect the situation as well.

I went with the marginally costlier version of getting an Emlid M2 and survey antenna. This is the easiest method I’ve found.

But base setup on M2 is dead simple, and they have a free caster you can use. After base setup getting the caster running takes minutes.

I really like emlid for base, but I still use breakout boards for rovers.

Esprtk is very powerful looking software, and another premium affordable diy project. Currently have a esp32D flashed but now I found out i need more wiring to use the web interface.

Or just navigate a breakout board to snip.

I’ve got my base going with My ardusimple and SNIP.

Just pondering the idea of figuring out how to create and encourage sharing of bases.

I know there are other guys closer to me then the table shows that are running AOG.

If we could establish a wide spread and easy to control AOG designed network of bases I think it would be sweet.

Some use private casters, I started to turn off my base because I dont have anything to do with autosteer till sep/oct. You can see in seeding there are more basestations that go away after. Now others have bases in range so there is always one rtk2go base online locally.

Second that. I’ve built a esprtk base and am currently putting another one together for someone else. Esprtk firmware is relatively inexpensive and they offer really good support with any issues in my experience. Once configured works very well.

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