Anyone heard from Brian Tee?

It has been a while since @BrianTee_Admin has posted or committed. Figured that he is just really busy with final harvest, but never know with all that is going on in the world today. Has anyone heard from him. I’m not part of the telegram group so was just wondering. I like to thank him every chance I get.


Was thinking this also… Just assumed very busy with harvest etc… I hope so anyway, the world is a very strange place at the moment.

Certainly deserves more thanks than any post on here can show thats for sure.


All i can say that he is just fine and busy with the last farm work. Creating the latest version (4.3.10) was so much for work him, that he was way behind with his farm work. That’s why he’s quite silenced out currently but he told me he will be back soon!


How about organizing a fundraiser and supporting Brian financially instead of simply thanking you? We all benefit greatly from his work and ideas, so it would be a good idea to pay back.
Then he could, for example, hire an additional worker and take over his crops faster. And he would have more time for us :slight_smile:


That is great news. Not that he is behind, but that he is well. I’d offer my help, or donation, or prayers. Let us know how we can help.


It can be good to be ‘out of it’ for a while. Gives fresh spirit. I can’t thank Brian enough for the tons of effort he is putting in this project. It has helped my farm and the way of doing things here so much. Unfortunately I’m not on a software ‘master’ level anywhere near to help him effectively on the work that comes with hundreds of ideas and user questions. So me too, I would want to give some rewards in other ways.


I agree anyone downloading his software should contribute a donation to his retirement fund or something If anyone sets it up i would be happy to donate

I know he’s expressed hesitancy to do that in the past. Possibly for several reasons including the fact that once money is involved, incumbent GPS companies start to feel threatened and tend to bring out the lawyers, especially a company that uses a certain shade of green. There are also tax implications. I read about the stuff people go through with kickstarter and the tax man, and that’s enough to put anyone off the idea!


Ok thanks for bringing that up. Also if it was me once you start being paid you have an obligation, which takes the fun out of it and adds PRESSURRRE. Maybe some people maybe like pressure…


Pressure is for air tools… not for open source development :wink:


If anyone is starting a fund for some air tools for Brian, I would happily contribute.


One way not to have problems for the sale of software, would be to receive in exchange any type of AoG merchandising …or air tools :grin:


So let’s do it, I’m all up for showing a little appreciation. Being serious, there must be a way that we can we can do this without breaking any rules or ethics, but he has put a tonne of work and time into this and we are all benefitting from it.

I don’t know Brian at all. It’s weird, I’ve read so many of his posts and watched so many of his videos that I kind of feel like I do know the guy, but I actually don’t. So I have absolutely no idea what he would appreciate.

A bottle of something fantastic? Tools? A shedload of arduinos and circuitry (he’s probably sick of arduinos and circuitry!). Is he into golf? A watch? Sports? Something for the farm?

Anyone know?

Surely there can be no rules preventing us all from clubbing together and buying him a present?


When’s his birthday? There certainly aren’t any rules against sending someone a birthday card with a couple bucks in it? are there?


Amazon lets you buy stuff and send it to someone else as a gift. Even anonymously if you want! I don’t know Brian’s address, though.

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Would you be willing to coordinate this? I believe you know Brian?

Might this be an option?

Pitch in to buy Arvel (his wife?) something real nice! Brian could then help us out with what that might be?

If Brian was to set up a Patreon page for the YouTube videos we could always pay a donation to him. Quite a few YouTubers do this and I think that gets around the ‘paying for a service’ and the software is still open source.