Anyone used the L298N H bridge driver?

Had anyone used a L298N for driving your AoG steering motor?

I believe it should be best, for a motor, to pulse the enable line instead of the directional control lines so that it can coast in between high pulses instead of setting both direction pins to ground and causing the motor to apply brakes. So if that’s true, then I need a way to reverse direction.

The L298N has dual H bridges, each H bridge has an enable and two other input IO for direction. So if I use the cytron mode, then I have one PWM output connected to the L298 enable and then I need 2 direction puppies instead of just the one in Cytron mode.

Check the current required on your motor vs this spec.

L298 Module Features & Specifications:

  • Driver Model: L298N 2A
  • Driver Chip: Double H Bridge L298N
  • Motor Supply Voltage (Maximum): 46V
  • Motor Supply Current (Maximum): 2A