Aog 4.1.1 to autosteer button

Will aog 4.1.12 send to module if using the latest button ino ?

Since we’ve moved, I’ll update my question.
Running v4.1.12 aog. using coffeetrac ino due to Danfoss valve.
Question is when I adjust the Ackerman % in aog, will it send that value to the steering module or do I have to change it in the sketch like the other settings ?

Also, I have built another v2 board for a JD7330 and plan to use the Hydraforce valve to take advantage of the Cytron drive and aog v4.3.10.
Any thoughts Ya or Nay. Thanks

No the ackerman only works with the current version of the ino and aog

I am using WAS over the front steering pivot. 41 deg right and 30 something left. Is there any way to correct it with my current setup ?

If you have the sensor on a linkage to the hub, you can adjust the geometry to compensate for Ackerman to some extent. I used the sketch function with relationships in a CAD program to work out the geometry for me, but like manually setting the sensor to straight ahead, getting the geometry spot on in practice can be easier said than done.

I would love to have it on the connecting rod but it is a 7600 with double cylinders and not much place to put it. I made a gooseneck bracket for the sensor above the pivot, but I think with what you are saying, I could offset the sensor from center to give it somewhat of a cam affect to multiply the outside turn on the sensor wheel. The current reading should be accurate enough to calculate the percentage, I think. Thanks

This is the geometry I worked out for my 6600. It uses a BMW ride height sensor, which turned out to be rather short on measuring angle, so I didn’t want to mount it on the steering ram anyway, which would have needed an even longer arm on the sensor.

WAS geometry

The hub is on the right and the sensor on the left. This was made using Onshape and the dimensions in bold are ones I set. The dimensions in grey are driven by the geometry and relationships.

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Yes, a reverse of the Ackerman. I am going to draw it up, moving my sensor directly between the forward and left quadrants of the pivot, so I get a slightly advanced movement when turning to the left and somewhat retarded to the right. Sensor being on the right wheel. Reason being is I have built a bracket over the pivot that will be fairly simple to modify. Still same mechanics.