AOG 6.2.0 Wiped Out vehicles.xml

Just downloaded AOG 6.2.0. It looks like upon opening it, the vehicles.xml file was wiped out. Thankfully, the Fields folder is still there with all my field data.

Kind of a pain as I will now have to go measure my tractor and all the implements again. :frowning:

Next time I will copy /Documents/AgOpenGPS folder before trying a new version.

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Haven’t had that issue at all. What version were you on before ?

It was v5.8.3.

Luckily I found most of my vehicle.xl files on a tablet from a few months ago. Only had to redo a few measurements to get back to where I was before the update.

Since it’s brought up, what are the directories one should back up before updates?

The ones with the fields and the vehicles. Can’t remember off the top of my head what they are called. I updated on a computer a few days ago and everything was fine but it would be a good idea to back them up anyway.

maybe an idea for a short video to help some of us who arn’t computer geniuses to save and restore fields and vehicles :man_shrugging:

Just go to the documents folder in the file manager, select “AgOpenGPS” folder, ctrl-c(or long click & copy), ctrl-v(or click the paste button at the top of the file manager), done.

Unfortunately the audio wasn’t very good.