Aog can’t receive data from imu

Hallo, I have bought a pcb board from andreas ortner his site. I can conect the steering and de f9p but the imu does not connect, does anyone have suggestions what could be the problem?
thank you in advance Mathijs!

The IMU not being green doesn’t necessarily mean you don’t have roll.
Your roll value doesn’t variate when you tilt the board?

where can I find if the roll value changes?
I found a chart where the roll is one, but when I tilt the bord the roll does not change.

disconnect the power supply for the PCB, connect the USB to the Teensy and let the board be powered by the Teensy and in the Arduino program check the monitor what data Teensi receives

Watch the serial monitor
In agopengps load a vehicle,
add delay(3000); in Setup();

I have done wat you say, and now I get this?

After a time a get this?

ik heb een delay toegevoegd, maar de rol blijft op 0 staan?

it looks like Teensi is not receiving data from IMU the last line with " , , , " is empty, know what PCB version you have ? maybe the SCL and SDA cables are connected backwards or the PCB plug is not soldered correctly

Normally it is a V5
@Aortner do you now if that could be the problem?

It would be interesting what the serial monitor says during start, you can stop autoscroll by pressing an icon at the right corner, so you are able to scroll backwards. There you can see if the bno085 will be dectected and initialized ! ( It right after startup). If it won’t work, sent the stuff back to aortner

Does @Aortner use a specific firmware? His site state BNO085 in RVC mode :thinking: