Aog can't receive data from imu

I’ve followed the panda wiring diagram composed of (Teensy , bno085 and zef f9p -USB).Right now, aog can communicate only with zed f9p via teensy . If i connect in agIO only to imu, it says com10 connected, but i don’t receive any imu values.Also when i try dual with gps and imu, if i try to connect to 2 ports, i get an com access denied error on the second port i try to connect and still don t receive any data from imu

I’ve tried ( setting priority to aog, closing any programs that may occupy the port in task manager , verifying the back of the boards for dirty solder pins , uploading code again to teensy , trying diff versions of aog , trying a second board bno085 , changing micro usb cables , powering imu from diff source, changing desktops to run aog, running on pins 16,17- SDA , SCL

This is the schematic i’ve followed.

The data from the IMU is fused with the data from the GPS to create a PANDA sentence by the code running on the Teensy. It is not independently available on a COM port.

The “Swapping GPS ports…” messages in the serial monitor screenshot indicate the data from the GPS is not being received by the Teensy. Did you configure the GPS using U-Blox U-Center and the configuration files from the folder “Ublox F9P”? Did you make sure to save the configuration to the F9P after uploading it? Is the GPS Fix light on the F9P flashing? Are you using a Teensy 4.0 or 4.1?

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Thank you sir for your answer !
I really tought that imu will be independently available and something was wrong with my hardware…Now with the antena outside , I got gps fixed and all works great .