AOG IMU Fusion and Rollfilter

I am studying the AOG GPS and AgIO code. I can see where IMU_Fusion_Weight and rollFilter are set in the AOG GPS GUI but I can find where they are used in calculations. I have searched the whole solution but can’t seem to locate code using those values.

I would be grateful for any pointers on where roll filtering and IMU/GPS fusion are done.


Seems like the ahrs class had something kind of like that?

I see that but I don’t see any functions, methods, routines, etc. that make use of ahrs. I see the constructor CAHRS, vaiables like rollFilter, etc. However, I can’t find where they are used.

It seems the search in Solutions Explorer doesn’t look deeply into all files. I found the use of rollFilter by selecting “Edit → Find and Replace → Find in Files” from the top menu bar. The rollfilter is implemented in UDPComm.Designer.cs.