AOG keeps steering right

Hi Group,

I have a tricky one here.
My equipment:
AOG 5.7.2
PCB v2 with Panda Hat with BNO
Teensy 4.1 with PANDA V5

When i go through the setup wizard the motor steers left and right to set Min PWM. But when i setup proportional gain the wheel motor turns to the right. When I turn the wheels all the way to the left and then want to steer the wheels to 0 ( center) the wheel motor starts and slows doen when itvgets close to 0 but then obersteers all the way to the right and further.
I can place the tractor left of the AB line and it steers toward the line but then keeps going to the right. I’d guess my Cytron is briken if it would steer to the left when i setup Min PWM.

Not sure if this is a software bug or if i did something wrong, i cannot find anything obvious. Has me stumped.

Any suggestions for trouble shooting?



Did you try change motor invertion in settings?

Double check your was is reading correct
Postive numbers for right turn and negative numbers for left turn i think. If its wrong you can also invert it

Yes, Motor direction is correct.
When I turn the wheels to the left and let AOG bring bring the steering angle to 0 degres the motor brings it to 0 degres even slowing down when it gets closer to 0 degres, but then speeds up again going right past 0 and doesn’t stop.

Was is correct as well. Once this happend i played with all possible scenarios.

But i cannot invert motor direction through AOG. On thr cytron i can buy pushing the A and B buttons.

I didn’t do any current sensing modifications to the cytron either.

It’s like steer system still believe you have ibt_2 motor driver!

Yes, the DIR1 pin stays low.
I replaced the teensy and the Problem is gone.
It steers fine now…
I wonder whats going on with the teensy.

I have to correct my statement, It seems there is a software bug. When i match the pins so it works with the Teensy Hat the new teensy does the same.
Even when changing the motor driver from cytron to IBT2 back and forth.
The Teensy hat uses pin 6 for DIR, 4 is PWM1 and 5 is PWM2, other than that pressure and current Sensor pins have to be remapped, that’s all.