AOG KML File merger

I started to look at the KML files that we generate via AgOpenGPS.

I prepared a pull request already so during save we can add extra information for the KML files:

So far this is the info I can harvest, but the sections / implement details only available during save.

I also created a small java program to merge all the Fields.kml that we have under Documents folder.
So all the operations would be visible by opening a single file.

Here’s the “program” itself if anyone wants to give it a try.
v1 (2.7 MB)
v2 added bat with default Documents folder location for hungarian users: (2.7 MB)

I used Talend Open Studio for it but basically I take the existing KML-s and except the first 3 / last 2 lines I put them in a structure of:

    <name>AOG Field FolderName</name>
          <!--- Original file content -->

Let me know your thoughts.


I support your idea.
If you need any help feel free to contact me.

Well the program is ready and anyone can test it, we’re missing the worked area calculation but that seems to be done by AOG so we’d just need to add that as an extra description to the sections.

Maybe we could find a way to maintain a central “AllFields.kml” from AOG itself which would hold all fields + operation kind.

I’m looking for your ideas / requirements.

I agree with that. Maybe AOG could update the all fileds kml after finishing one field.

As well from which side the filed was started. (First pass)

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I was contemplating doing this same thing. I will check out your program.