Aog mapping/source code help

I could use some pointers on how AOG determines if a section is already in a covered area and what part of the code handles the map data.

Look in SourceCode/GPS/Forms/OpenGL.Designer.cs. Starting about line 789. Specifically line 838. Previous to this point, a snapshot was taken of the internal coverage map (just an OpenGL surface with green, filled, triangles), essentially a row of green or black pixels that lines up with the sections, a certain distance in front of the sections (to account for lookahead). The loop just scans this line of pixels from left to right for each section, and if there are black (un-applied) pixels within the width of the section, it marks it for turning on. Then of course there’s logic to implement the turn on and turn off delays.

Also in this section is where the coverage triangles are actually laid down, about line 1061.

Thank you! I know enough python and c++ to be dangerous but c# is still a little foriegn to me.

On a related topic, I have seen a lot of discussion around variable rate applications but all seem to be done at an implement wide level. Has there been any work on sending target rate, speed, etc per row?
Ultimately I can handle the controls dowm stream but getting the row info out of aog seems a bit difficult in setting up the pgns to do so.

So far as I know rate control is being done in a separate project. Somewhere on this forum are several discussions of that, but I don’t have any links offhand.

To my knowledge there is nothing yet in AOG proper that does this.

Ratecontrol here

That’s rate control, not variable rate control.

But there’s one experimental version somewhere I think.
@KentStuff had worked on it if I remember correctly.

That topic is here:

Thank you!