AOG ntrip client won't connect to wifi

Hello, I have been using AgOpenGPS for close to a year now on our tractor and combine. Both setups use the panda board and v2 auto steer boards connected over UDP. Panasonic Fz-G1 tablets. And in both vehicles we have the issue that AgIO cannot find rtk over mobile hotspot when Ethernet is connected. So every time we get in the vehicle, we have to disconnect Ethernet so agio can find RTK. I’ve tried going into the network settings on the tablet and changing the priorities, but so far I haven’t found the answer. Does anyone have some advice?

Thanks to this community and especially the development team for making homemade autosteer possible!

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Is your WiFi disconnecting when you plug in Ethernet? There are various fixes, search the forum.

No. The tablet seems to pick the right network, websites load and everything, but no RTK.

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Hi David I’m having the similar issue started about a month ago I can get the mount points ok but not the ip address

Have you tried to copy ip up into url adress?

This is the ip for rtk2go. You probably have to verufy rtk2go in your area first.
Mountpoint I typed is nonexistent.