AOG on a lattepanda

Hi there I have successfully been using AOG for a year now for just basic guidance but want to make it full autosteer over this winter. I am currently using my notebook to run AOG in the tractor but have now bought a lattepanda to take its place along with a 12v touchscreen. The lattepanda has a inbuilt Arduino Leonardo which I was hoping to use in place of the Arduino nano as it has all the gpio pins needed BUT my brick wall has hit me early and im not able to even compile the code on the ide.
Any help greatly appreciated

I think it will be weak for AOG purpose: "Intel Cherry Trail Z8350 Quad Core Processor "

@alexbrooy ive had it running on it and its sems to run it smoother than what my notebook does I was sceptical at first but for a tiny little thing it really goes pack a big punch

what types of errors does the IDE give you?