AOG operating system

As an aside, I have reason to believe that the new gen 4 displays run a form of Red Hat Linux. All the updates are RPM packages and have the Linux filesystem directories as installpoints in the update packages.

Adding back to the main thread, I understand that the main reason why AOG has come this far is because of the ease of modeling of an application in C# and VisualStudio. I recall Brian or someone of similar coding involvement saying that the concepts are easy to develop on windows, then once that is finished, porting to another language or operating system should be simpler. Someday you can use a Rpi to have a fully integrated system, but the project isn’t there yet.



That’s really interesting. Would be cool if you could run third party software on the Gen 4 monitor. Some day if the Linux port pans out could run AOG on it! Would be the most expensive AOG ever!