AOG operating system

Ok so let me start out by saying I don’t know the least bit about coding but the idea keeps coming to my mind
So I was wondering
Is it a plausible idea to rather than run on windows have AOG have it’s own operating system

So I think you are referring to AOG being something akin to a 2630 or other embedded system. That is an admirable goal but I don’t think the project is at a critical mass of programmers to do such a thing right now. Also, the way the base program is written, it would be hard to move away from a windows based core. Also, the topic of hardware support would arise as one of the principles that seems to guide the project is use as much existing “off the shelf” technology as possible. That wouldn’t be the case with an embedded system or the hardware support in regards to having the project as it’s own Operating system would be an unreal amount of work.

In short, it is completely doable, but it isn’t a priority, and wouldn’t have a good cost to reward ratio.


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Ok thanks as I stated I’m not a programmer so I dont really have any idea how much work any of this is


I prefer that it works with windows, as I have access to a computer with all its functions during my job. Internet, movie, OpenOffice, Email … lots of applications.

Yeah as said, I think the fact it runs on a normal OS is a good thing, super useful being able to bring up my fert calibration website / farm records web gui etc all on one machine…

Ok because the only reason I ask is I like the professional feel of being able to flip a switch in the tractor and have my GPS system start up completely and be ready for use
Whereas now I’ve gotta flip the switch in the tractor power up the computer and the open aog
I dont know maybe it’s silly but that’s my reason

Super simple to add AOG to the startup folder…set windows to login automatically (remove password on win10). Guess only feature that would be good maybe is a setting in AOG to “automatically open in fullscreen” then, one button would boot up / load straight to fullscreen AOG… but you can do 90% of that already :slight_smile:

Ok so tryed that but it takes like 40 seconds to actualy get to starting aog but if I tap the icon right after startup it opens right away

Btw aog does have that setting

To be fair, my genuine deere greenstar display isnt alot faster than that starting up!

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Lol my Trimble is faster than that

Well yeah it is faster, but tbh, 40 seconds isnt a huge issue? Although seems slow? Id say mine is up and running within 3-4 seconds of turning tractor key, only delay is waiting for the F9P to get a fix, which is tbh 10-15 seconds tops…

My tablet just sleeps, wakes up when on AC power, sleeps when not, so just turns on / off with the key…

I have an RCA 10" tablet and the battery would go dead every night if I did that

Ah, surface pro will last days, well, weeks honestly in sleep

Isn’t it really expensive tho?

Cant remember what I paid, just bought a used one for couple hundred quid on ebay, no point having anything to nice in the cab I thought!

Although packaged as appliances, the monitors we use in tractors from the big companies do actually run stock operating systems. The John Deere 2630, for example, the MS windows CE (which was obsolete years ago). I don’t know what operating system the Pro 700 runs. You can bet it’s an off the shelf embedded OS. These days the new Raven monitors run Android complete with a capacitive touch screen. Android is the future of all tractor monitors I think.

So how do I make my windows tablet to be optimised for aog

Why did brian make aog for windows rather than android
It seems to me that android tablets are a lot easier to come by than windows

To me the OS is not an issue, the availability of a low cost auto-steer application is and I like the cost of AOG. I’m happy to adopt any HW or OS as long as the SW is available.

Seems it isn’t that easy to build a competitive application on another OS as we have seen many attempts to “just” port AOG on linux or android and the results have not been perfect (even if some appear promising).

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Windows does have a kiosk mode built into it that could be used to make AOG come up and run automatically. Set up a single-app kiosk on Windows 10/11 - Configure Windows | Microsoft Docs