Aog , rtk , uturn ... :)

So i have tell you , it’s working good . Sorry for the video quality …


Did you use Andreas’ mount as well?

It comes from people of cerea forum .

A file including a small evolution of the project

In France south of Nantes


I would like to build the same steereing system on my fendt, can you post here the link to cerea forum file base? how much did you spend for that system?

For the Fendt, here is the topic where it is spoken.
The best thing is to talk to them. They did a great job, there is a lot to learn on this forum.

I have not yet evaluated the exact cost of my installation, but I am more than 10 times less expensive than a commercial system.

Thank you for the link. But can you tell me how much the 3D printed parts cost to you? I asked for a pricing on a famous 3D printing service in my area, and for a complete motor mounting system like your, asked about 350€
I think is too much

Cerea forum is full of great people, unfortunately I need google translate and I don’t like its translation from German, maybe I should try to learn it…

I don t speak german , but google is an help !
I bought a 3d printer to do that and now i m using it for every things ! I do my own box for autosteer , gps and lte router … very useful !!! i think there is a guy on ebay german who sell printed part for autosteer for a vey good price . Don’t remember the link or the name , you have to search .

Name of 3D printer please! I was thinking about buying one me too!

creality cr10s , but there is a lot printer able to do this , your choice !

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I see, what is the material you use for printing? Nylon or pla? I know pla has some problem on hot environment, and my ac cooling system is not great

Nylon carbon fiber for gears and and abs or petg for support , and pla or petg for box …
It is better to avoid the pla if there is mechanical effort, because with the temperature (up to 60°C ) it deforms. But my support on the steering column is in PlaMax from polymaker, and I have no problem. There a lot things to learn in 3d printing , visit the forum , and try !

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Hi Tooki I have bought a 3d delta printer, could you tell me how much is the infill for nylon gears?

So many price … You have to look for the cheapest . I use nylon carbon fiber from Esun or colorfabb . it’s about 50-60€/kg .

Ok thanks. Can you share your printer settings?

Noozle 0.4 min ! Bigger is better for carbon fiber

Noozle 245
Bed 90
Infill Subcubic 85%
Cooling 0% then 25% start at 3rd layer
Speed 30-40 mm/s

A little more speed with my second tractor…

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I would like to thank all on this forum for your time and willingness to share your knowledge with me. I had my maiden voyage this evening and things went remarkably well. I had a lot of nay sayers around here including my father. He was with me, and even though he did not say much I could tell he was surprised at how well it ran. I do have a few minor tweeks on the turn arounds, but nothing that far off, I will try and get some pictures and video soon. Brian thank you for your time in getting this started and all others. If you are ever in northern Ohio would really like to meet you. Thanks again.


Hi ,
I did a great job with AOG and RTK today. I sowed a trefoil in the 16cm inter-row of my wheat. 10km / h. Very good work ! Thank you to everyone who works to make this possible.


Impressive! Can you describe all your setup? Are you using bno080?